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Watch Out, There’s A SCAM About Cytonn! Frauds And Plain Daylight Robbery

Cytonn Investments Chief Executive Officer Edwin Dande

Cytonn Investments, or whatever they call themselves! We may as well call them Gakuyo or whatever. Gakuyo bungled over Sh2.5 billion members’ savings at Ekeza Sacco besides duping clients via property investments using his real estate company. Well, Cytonn is another scam waiting to happen, maybe the biggest in real estate so far.

When I see or hear this name all over the news, and the good branding and the posh Dande with his shirt folded Obama style, when I see their press releases, their green polo T-shirts, and their projects launches, you know what comes to mind, a better branded Gakuyo.

Cytonn launched their Alma project a few years ago, pomp, color, old camels like Caroline Mutoko, class…all this and too expensive to purchase. Three years down the line, they claim that they have finished phase 1, well and good. Standing at my balcony, I am seeing a bigger section of Alma that’s incomplete, there’s another one just next here with rusted, maybe rotten steel bars….all these billions of shillings later, loans, money markets, investments….rusted steel.

 Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Kiambu Governor Waititu during the launch of Alma Project

I hear there was Kitengela, sold out, not started…the ridge next to Suraya Fourways Junction, sold out, a crane paid for daily and not even started.

In a damning report on  Gakuyo Real Estate had indicated that about Sh1.5 billion was unlawfully transferred to Bishop Gakuyu’s accounts and those of his wife Hannah Wachu, who doubled as a co-director.

Cytonn, just like Gakuyo, do not know who they stand for, they don’t know if their brand builds, or does Cytonn education, or is in money markets, or sells bread or rooms… or whatever the hell….whats Cytonn by the way ….you are not Safaricom.

Gakuyo started collecting peoples cash, at …hear this…..20% interest rates per month, when banks were doing 8%…..huh….just like who…your beloved Cytonn, and whats the cash for….investment clubs, paying interest on loans, repaying the fines who paid first because you can’t sell as first then Sh 2 billion from Finland.

So when I see you running to Cytonn, madam Cytonnaire, because I pity you, remember Gakuyo investors on Kiambu road, demonstrating? The difference is that Cytonn investors…Cytonnaires have class, they cant get to DCI, they would rather look at pie charts and graphs and weekly emails….ha haaaa…they would rather lose their money in silence….Cytonnaires, the C200 guys, the BMW X5, the second-hand Benz and the Prado people….brands…

Gakuyo members demonstrating

For Cytonn to survive, they can only do this several ways, sell faster than Banda, deliver all their projects, and then ask for some more cash and just plainly accept 18 % interest is pure daylight robbery!

I wouldn’t want to say Kenyans are foolish, but they are outright stupid! Just how do you put your cash in a company you don’t know? Does Cytonn sell bread? Are they in hospitality… suites…? A story for another day….or do they do houses……we all know what Equity does….we all know what Safaricom does…but whats Cytonn….?

Cytonn has several projects cancelled, just the other day was their Kilimani project, simply because they are bullies, this guy, Dande or whoever he is, bribing his way around projects, I was there, I saw it…ask Waititu…. I remember the brown bag, not envelope, bag….

These guys just think that Munga, or whoever it is currently, Munga wa BRITAM..just woke up one day and started….remember those guys stole from Britam to start…… ground mambo ni different.

If you wanna lose your cash, if you want to be somewhere you don’t know, what we call in Kikuyu ….nduri ruaini kana nyamaini…..simply meaning meat that doesn’t know where it is…. it’s not on the skin or its part of the main carcass ….that’s what Cytonnaires or whatever posh names they call themselves are lost. I will tell you sometime about a project called River run.

But all in all….Do not lose your money, unless you have lots of it to run….Cretins !

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