Types of landlords you meet while house hunting-List

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Living in Nairobi allows you to meet different types of landlords; while some are God sent others are like devils agents sent to terrorize you.

Below are different types of landlords

The snoopy landlord

These are the types of landlords who constantly want to keep tabs on who is visiting you, what they brought, and what they came to do at your place.

The flirt

These types of landlords flirt with their female tenants especially the ones who are single.

In exchange, the tenants are allowed to pay rent late or not pay at all depending on the arrangement.

The sponsor

As the name suggests, these types of landlords sponsor the lives of young girls who are desperate to date a ‘landlord.’

All they do is smash and leave onto the next victim.

The arrogant brag

They will constantly threaten you whenever you make a mistake with ‘utahama utoke kwa hii nyumba yangu’ or ‘hapa tutaishi vile mimi nataka.’

This they do even though you are paying your rent.

The guardian angel

These types of landlords allow you to pay rent late in case your salary delays.

They also allow you to go for a few months without paying rents especially in circumstances where there are financial strains.

They rarely throw you out in the cold and only do so when they have exhausted all other means of getting you to pay your rent.

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