“Tukutoe lock?” Fans react after a drunk dazed Omosh is caught on camera borrowing more funds

By now I’m pretty sure the only thing former actor Omosh will be receiving from fans is backlash and not even sympathy.

This is after proving how much of a con artist he can be, after receiving massive help from Kenyans; who step in to help following his life struggles that included poverty and debts.

Unfortunately for him, Omosh figured he would turn this into a hustle; not knowing fans were closely watching him – after receiving the alleged Ksh1 million.

This is probably because most assumed he would invest the cash wisely; after years of living in poverty and debts – I mean had he not suffered enough after years of shining as an actor?

Worry about yourself!

However, turns out that Omosh did nothing with the money he received as charity from Kenyans. Rumor has it that he spent it all on alcohol and God knows what else; but all we know is that he squandered ksh 1 million in less than 3 months.


Well, with no money – Omosh came back to ask for help; but unfortunately all he got was the harsh reality from his country men hustling day and night to buy him liquor.

Moments or rather hours after seeing that ameshtukwa Omosh recorded another video where he not only talked smack; but proved that liquor runs his life no matter what bloggers and fans say.

Drunk Omosh

Clearly like Jalang’o says, there are people who cannot he helped; and Omosh is one. At this point, I guess heading back to the village or rehab is the only way he will get help. But as for now, below are a few comments left by Kenyans responding to the viral video showing a drunk Omosh this past weekend.

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