“Si ati ni lazima” Omosh responds to critics calling him out for begging – months after receiving Ksh 1 million from Kenyans

Omosh has failed. Not just himself but fans and supporters who thought he would recover months after receiving massive support from Kenyans on social media.

Former Tahidi High actor, Omosh

If you remember well, about 3 months ago Jalang’o interviewed Omosh giving him an opportunity to shed light on his life after TV series Tahidi High.

Just like most veteran celebs, Omosh cried out for help claiming he has nothing in his name despite the many years he entertained Kenyans through the popular show.

Tahidi High’s Omosh

At some point, fans blamed those behind the show claiming they pocketed everything the young actors made back then; but seems like the truth is finally slowly crawling out of the lies told by some of these actors i.e Omosh

Begging for support

Barely than 4 months after he revealed that he was homeless after landlord kicked him out due to Ksh 150,000 rent arrears; Jalang’o mobilized Kenyans on social media to help the veteran actor; and for sure Kenyans came through.

As far as we know is that he went home with Ksh 1million and was given land and a house to help kick start his new journey.  But unfortunately turns out that he squandered the 1 million in 3 months; and he is back to ask for help.

Omosh’s parents

Yes, Omosh wants you to tuma kakitu….but boy – it’s going to hard this time around.

Addresses critics

Anyway, after hearing how Kenyans have bashed him for being (for the lack of a better word) ‘useless’ and greedy; Omosh says that the money he was given went to pay off his debt. Wait, Ksh 1million?

On the same video, Omosh added that helping him out is not by force as he hopes Kenyans will do it out of good will. But, he refuses to be trolled just because he pleaded for help.

So will you help?

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