See my Sh. 3 million four-bedroom mud house in Kenya

Mud House in Kenya: Would you spend Sh. 3 million on a mud house? Would a mud house even cost Sh. 3 million? These are some of the questions that Kenyans were left wondering after a feature about a mud house in Voi that cost an estimated Sh. 3 million. For a start, Sh. 3 million is enough for the construction of a grand bungalow house. So what makes this mud house so unique?

According to the feature that was published in the Business Daily, the house is owned by Kenyan landscape artist Chris Campbell Clause. It is a four-bedroom earth-house, named Tsavo House. It has red and orange hues striking in the glow of sunset, blending seamlessly into the surrounding Tsavo landscape.

The owner told the daily that he spent two years constructing the house. His labour consisted of two men.

“I built the house with only two men helping me. So labour costs were minimal and the total cost of construction did not exceeded Sh. 3 million,” he said. “I wasn’t in a hurry. It could have easily been built in four or five months.”

Mud House in Kenya

He added that he dug septic tanks and water reservoirs to get enough soil to make bricks. He also added a tiny bit of cement as a binding agent.

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“If you do it properly, you’re supposed to cure that brick by putting it under polythene for about a month for it to gain strength over those days. The drawback is that people are impatient and want to build with the same brick they made that day,” he said.

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