Ruto: BBI Will Take Us Back To Moi’s Era, BBI Is Illegal And Unconstitutional

Deputy President William Ruto said that BBI will only return Kenya to former President Moi’s era.

The DP was speaking in an interview on KTN where he said that the attempt of BBI to change the constitution is also illegal.

“We came from a hybrid system where MPs were also ministers and we argued that it was an incestuous system, that it made accountability difficult. And now, BBI is actually taking us back to where Moi left the Constitution,” he said.

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“As things stand now, BBI is illegal, unconstitutional, it is null and void to the extent that court has said. We must not set a precedence that you can change the constitution using unconstitutional and unlawful means. That is dangerous.”

Ruto said that leaders are using their powers to change the constitution so that it can favor them.

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“It cannot be that you can change the constitution the way you want, in the matter that you want to the extent in which you want because you have power, you have influence and you can use a mechanism…you will have set a very dangerous president that the next person with power, with influence and money, can come and change the constitution…leading to anarchy,” he said.

“We must be careful, that the constitution is not a textbook, an essay.”

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