Meet Willis Raburu’s hot 26 year old baby mama turning heads on social media (Photos)

It’s no secret that Willis Raburu found peace in his new lady identified as Ivy Namu; a golden brown skin queen that has taught Raburu to keep his private life off social media.

Willis Raburu’s alleged baby mama

Rumor has it that the couple already welcomed their first child together and unlike before; this time around Willis Raburu is not over sharing details about his relationship and private life. This could be probably to avoid hurting his ex – but si ni life?

However it’s been almost a year since he parted ways with Maryaprude; meaning it’s only fair that the exes move on and find love elsewhere…since we all want to know what’s happening in their new lives.

Willis Raburu’s new girlfriend at her baby shower

Meet the hot Ivy Namu

Thanks to tea master Obare we can at least say we finally found Raburu’s new heartbeat; and truth is – just like MaryaPrude…the new lady is hot, curvy, down to earth and above all makes Raburu behave like a grown man.

Although we don’t know much about Ms Ivy, there are a few who blame her for interfering with Raburu’s marriage; but again – why stay in a dramatic relationship/marriage when you only get to live once?

Anyway below are just a few photos of the hot Ivy Namu that will leave many men envying Mr Raburu.

Raburu’s new girlfriend

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