LATEST FROM ETHIOPIA: TDF Fighters Downs Ethiopian Military Aircraft

KDRTV NEWS: Tension is expected to grow higher as the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) said that the suspected Eritrean troops have joined the sides of the Ethiopian soldiers.

TDF has claimed that they have crashed an Ethiopian military plane suspected to have carried the Eritrean troops.

Reports indicate that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have been backed by the Eritrean troops to carry out operations in the Tigray region.

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The conflict that has caused the lives of thousands of people, erupted after the TDF fighters attacked the Northern Command.

Reports indicate that an aircraft C-130 that was carrying troops and ammunition was struck in the vicinity of Gijet on Wednesday.

The downing of the aircraft was described as painful a security analysts.

Images indicate the TDF fighters inspecting the debris of the plane.

At the same time, KDRTV confirmed that more 65 people were killed and around 180 people injured in an Ethiopian airstrike on a market in the Tigray region.

However, the Ethiopian government responded that no civilian was targeted in the attack.

“The airstrike was in the market area, so many, many people were injured,” said Mulu Atsbaha, an adviser to the Tigray regional administration on maternal and child health on Thursday.

The attack was carried out on Tuesday in Togoga.

Two days after the airstrike, many people considered to be survivors were still received in various health facilities.

At the same time, bodies were still being pulled from the rubble.

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The Ethiopian military spokesperson said that the military carried out the attack by the rebel fighters were the target.

“We do not accept that this operation targeted civilians,” Col Getnet Adane told AFP, insisting that those injured or killed were fighters “in civilian clothes”.

“The Ethiopian air force uses the latest technology, so it conducted a precision strike that was successful,” he said

However, despite the statement by the government, the images after the attack revealed many civilian casualties.

The United States condemned the attack that killed many civilians.

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