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Kenya: Karura Forest Sigiria, Perfect Place to Shed Excess Weight

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the secluded section of the famous Karura Forest Sigiria, which is accessible through Thigiri Lane.

The Covid-19 pandemic have greatly interfered with my daily routines, and as such I haven’t been working out since last year. I have added 15kgs.

I obviously have to cut down my weight, and I have been advised to start by walking regularly.

Sigiria came up as one of the best options since it is somewhat near my place.

Once we got there, we paid the entrance fee, the rangers checked our temperature, inspected our vehicle, before directing us to the parking area just near the entrance.

The entrance fee is Sh100 and Sh50 for Kenyan adults and children respectively; Sh200 and Sh100 for resident adults and children respectively and Sh600 and Sh300 for adults and children who are non-residents.

They also charge a fee of Sh150 and Sh100 per adult and child under the age 12 to use the picnic area.

There are three trails at Sigiria – 5km, 10km and the newly refurbished Matembezi trail, which is ideally meant for persons with disability.

Nature trail

We decided to do the 10km trail, which, according to regular visitors, is the most challenging.

We got there early in the morning to the heavenly sounds of chirping birds, howling monkeys and buzzing insects. I even spotted a dik-dik!

The beauty and tranquility of the forest was something to behold.

Unlike the Karura Limuru road and Kiambu road sections, Sigiria is not crowded. We only encountered a handful of people along the 10km trail.

Along the way, there was also a stream that keeps flowing as you struggle uphill. It took us around 2 hours to complete the 10km walk.

The forest has space for plenty of outdoor fitness activities – fields for ball games and yoga; long, winding trails for hiking, cycling and dog walking; and even obstacle courses for team events.

Fun activities

Other activities at the park include tree planting, horse riding, mountain biking and bird watching.

The park also accommodates educational tours, team building, outdoor gym activities and yoga.