I Will Do What Sonko And Kidero Failed To Do If You Elect Me- Sakaja

Senator Johnson Sakaja will use a different approach to achieve what his predecessors failed to as governors of Nairobi County.

Sakaja, who spoke to the Star in an exclusive interview said that Evans Kidero and Sonko failed because of two major reasons.

“One who was too technical and failed and another was political and failed. We need a mix of the two,” Sakaja said.

“Kidero could have done better but he was in the opposition and against the government of the day. But Sonko had everything but ran Nairobi as a one man show.”

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Sakaja also praised Nairobi Metropolitan Services which came about after the county was transferred to the National government.

He said that NMS has improved the city though there’s still a long way to go in terms of development.

“As much as NMS is doing a tremendous work, they are not consulting the elected leadership of the city. Of course, as an elected leader I cannot fight what is good, but involvement is key,” Sakaja said.

“There is a lot of infrastructural development happening but re-carpeting roads, constructing the Expressway will not solve traffic. What Nairobi needs is a proper Mass Transit System with proper high-gauge trains and rail system.”

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Sakaja went on to criticize a few projects initiated to improve the city saying that they haven’t helped much.

He said once elected, he will appoint managers to run the city rather than just him and his team deciding on which projects to initiate.

“You need a team player to be Nairobi governor.We need to bring it down to city managers who are provided for in the Act. It has only been used by Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o and I will demonstrate it if given a chance,” Sakaja said.

“Many governors would be hesitant because they fear their powers are being taken away. But city managers make the place run more efficiently. That’s how you run a city like Nairobi.”

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