Granny tells Court how she escaped death

An elderly woman on Monday narrated to a Kabarnet court how she narrowly escaped death after her immediate neighbour who was pursuing her husband shot her with an arrow following a short quarrel.

Esther Chemjor was testifying in a case where Sylvester Kiptai is accused that on September 25th last year, he shot her using a bow and arrow outside her house at her Kapkelelwa home in Baringo Central sub-county.

During hearing of the case, Chemjor who had been hospitalized following the incident told the court that she was outside the house on the fateful day in the evening when the suspect suddenly entered the compound and immediately started shouting and demanded to know where her husband was.

“He appeared and started to enquire of my husband’s whereabouts. I told him I didn’t know where he was and he shot me with an arrow,” she said.

Chemjor who appeared before Kabarnet Senior Principal Magistrate Paul Biwot denied having any wrangles between her family and the accused person’s reiterating that she doesn’t understand what prompted him to attack her.

She stated that it was from her screams and noises due to the pain that was inflicted on her that made neighbours and husband to come to her rescue.

The complainant told the court that she was rushed to Baringo County Referral Hospital for treatment where she was admitted for a month.

“It’s my brother Karasta who reported the incident of the fateful day at Kabarnet police station,” she stated.

Prosecutor Joseck Abwajo during cross examination sought to know the method that the complainant used to identify the alleged accused since it was at night but she said she was able to identify him by his voice during the incident.

The court ordered that the two remaining witnesses be availed to court on July 5 after which a determination shall be made.

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