Ethiopian Military Denies Reports Its Plane Was Downed By TDF

KDRTV NEWS: The Ethiopian military has denied claims that their aircraft was downed by the Tigray Defense Force  (TDF) rebels.

The report had indicated that the aircraft belonging to the Ethiopian military was crashed by the TDF fighters in the Tigray region.

Even after the incident, the aftermath images indicated the rebels inspecting the debris of the crashed plane.

Security analysts said that it was a painful incident for the military.

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The TDF fighters had indicated that they downed the military plane on Wednesday.

According to an army spokesperson who spoke to BBC NEWS, the said military plane suffered a mechanical problem that led it to crash.

The spokesperson also said that not many people were on board during the time of the incident.

The TDF fighters had claimed that they struck the Ethiopian military plane that was carrying ammunitions and troops wearing Eritrean uniforms.

KDRTV understands that the Ethiopian government has been backed by Eritrean troops in the war-torn region of Tigray.

Few days after parliamentary elections in the country, fights have escalated in Tigray.

Recently, the Ethiopian aircraft carrying stuck a market killing dozens of civilians.

However, the government denied reports that the military attack targeted civilians.

The United States and other western powers condemned the attack on innocent civilians.

KDRTV noted that elections were not done in the Tigray region due to security concerns.

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The battle in the regions has caused the residents to plunge in the verge of starvations and famine.

The Ethiopian government has been urged to stop the war and allow vulnerable resident to access humanitarian assistance.

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