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Eric Adams Promises to ‘Show America How to Run a City’

He said he planned to choose a woman as police commissioner, adding that he had already talked to three candidates. He said he would judge candidates by “character” and by their willingness to “create new incentives” for precinct commanders, to promote not based on how many arrests they make, but “how many crimes they prevent.”

He adopted a moderate view on the elimination of most applications of cash bail, which the current police commissioner, Dermot F. Shea, has blamed for the city’s spike in violent crime. Mr. Adams said on MSNBC that on one hand, some judges keep people needlessly behind bars; on the other hand, “too many people are being released that are dangerous.”

With a first-time firearms possession arrest, he said, there may be a way to “put this person on the right pathway” without jail, but a person with several arrests for firearms possession needs to be put in prison, he said.

Mr. Adams, a former police captain, also took a nuanced positions on police chokeholds; a City Council bill banning the use of the practice was recently overturned in State Supreme Court because the wording of the legislation was vague, the court found.

He said that he was opposed to the use of chokeholds because of the fatal incidents that have occurred when police use them on the public. But he said the City Council bill banning the practice was “not realistic” because it did not take into account the times when an officer might be “fighting for life and death” or to protect civilians.

“I know what it is to try to wrestle a knife out of someone’s hand,” said Mr. Adams, adding that he was in favor of revising the law.

Even as he rejected some progressive-branded policies, Mr. Adams also embraced some ideas popular with the young, multiracial constituency that supported candidates like Ms. Wiley and Dianne Morales and their call for using strategies outside policing, like improving mental health and social services, to prevent crimes.

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