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Civil servant from Nanyuki recycles waste into home décor – Kenya News Agency

For the love of the environment, a civil servant and mother of three from Nanyuki’s Baraka Trading Centre has ventured into recycling garbage to make house décor.

Speaking to media, 31-year-old Monica Waithera said bottles, tattered clothes and beverage cans which are some of the waste materials she recycles to decor had become an eyesore in the area and thus spurring her to recycle them into home accessories.

Monica Waithera at her home where she operates a garbage recycling business. The recycled home décor products range between Sh500 to Sh2500. Photo by Muturi Mwangi.

“As a Kenyan and environmental conservation crusader, I am doing my part to preserve our ecosystem. People find this as trash but in my viewpoint, it is a treasure,” she noted, while pleading with residents to find alternative use of waste materials rather than polluting the environment.

“I would encourage people to recycle bottles and use them in beneficial ways. They are hazardous and when thrown away, they block sewer lines and as a result people suffer diseases such as cholera,” she emphasized.

Waithera noted that, early last year, she injected Sh300,000 into the business but the money went into drain months later after President Uhuru Kenyatta locked the country to prevent Covid-19 contagion.

“I took a loan to boost my business but unfortunately covid-19 came knocking. After the lockdown there were no tourists who I mostly relied on. I had to pay rent from my pocket for nine months and at some point, I even got depressed,” she said.

However, that did not deter Waithera from pursuing her passion for environment conservation. “After some time, I decided to shift to working at home where I did not have to pay rent. I use social media to market my products. Hotels and home owners are my main clientele,” she said, adding her house decor products range between Sh500 to Sh2500.

Laikipia National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) County Director Jackson Muturo said they have developed a programme to conserve the environment tailored down to county level.

“We have significant programmes on solid waste management and pollution control. We are implementing the national solid waste management strategy, enforcing the regulations on solid waste and supporting the county governments to establish proper waste management infrastructure,” he noted.

He added the authority also had taken initiatives anchored on environmental research to protect the environment.

“As an authority we have continued to promote principles of green economy initiatives that reduce carbon emissions,” said the director.

By Muturi Mwangi

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