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CBK accepts Ksh 22.4 Billion at weekly t bills auction

The Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) received bids worth KSh 38.9 Billion out of KSh 24 Billion worth of Treasury Bills at the Weekly Treasury Bills Auction, a performance rate of 162%.

However, the Government’s fiscal agent only accepted KSh 22.4 Billion at this auction.

The 364 days Treasury Bills was the most attractive, with KSh 24.1 Billion received out of the KSh 10 Billion that was on offer. The total amount accepted was KSh 10.8 Billion with a performance rate of 241.3%.

The 182 days Treasury Bills attracted bids worth KSh 10.1 Billion out of the KSh 10 Billion, with the CBK accepting KSh 6.9 Billion.

The 91 days Treasury Bills received bids worth KSh 4.6 Billion out of the KSh 4 Billion that was on offer, with the CBK accepting KSh 4.6 Billion, a performance rate of 116.1%.

The amount accepted at this auction was KSh 15.4 Billion in competitive bids and KSh 7 Billion in non-competitive bids.

Rates that CBK offered Investors

Interest rates for the 91-day, 182-day and 364-day Treasury Bills were 7.155%, 7.953%, and 9.284%. This is compared to 7.156%, 7.995% and 9.365% for the respective instruments at the last auction.

The next Treasury Bills Auction and bids closure is 27th May 2021, where Treasury Bills worth KSh 24 Billion will be on offer.

The actual amount raised at the auction will be subject to National Treasury’s immediate liquidity requirements for the week.

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