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Actor Omosh says he is broke, begs for help again

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Actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has received backlash from netizens after he once again went on live interview and begged for help from citizens.

During an interview on TV47, Omosh claimed that some people promised to send him money but they did not fulfill their promises.

He also added that he only received less than Ksh. 1,000,000 which he used to pay off the debts and he is broke once again.

“Manze kama ulisema unanitumia kakitu kwani kaliendaje? Bado nategea tu.  Kusema tu ukweli nilipata les than 1 million shillings nikalipa madeni, chuo ya watoi juu nilikuwa nimeka one year na four months bila kulipa. Nililipa madeni nikabaki zero, so sai madeni zinaweza kuja nikicheza…but so far chuo, hao, food…Manze mnidunge kakitu bana….Number ni 0727054141. Tuma kakitu,” he said.

He also added that he is requesting for anyone who is willing to buy him equipment he can use for filming.

“Sai nikipata mtu aninunulie tu camera, tripod, lights mbili na microphone, sasa niwache kuomba. Juu huyo jamaa atakuwa amenipatia capital ingine ile wacha tu,” added Omosh.

However netizens did not take this lightly and some thought that Omosh was too lazy and does not want to work.

Aspiring Member of Parliament Alinur took to his instagram page and expressed his feeling about Omosh’s pleed.

“This is unbelievable. Unfortunately once I have sacrificed and helped you only to realize that you took my efforts for granted. I can never help you again! Bure kabisa,” wrote Alinur.

Some people went to the TV47 facebook comment section and expressed their feelings about Omosh begging.

“But recently you were gifted land and goodies and even made a brand, what happened!!!Wewe omosh na Yule githeri man mnarudisha Kenya nyuma sana. Or all what was happening was Pr. Don’t take Kenyans sympathy for granted,”wrote Apologist Dick-ens.

“Don’t take advantage of Kenyan generosity. Wake up and hustle meen,” wrote John Mureithi Karuga

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